History Chics

Unlocking the doors

Realtors who routinely hire a house historian and have the house history on hand for buyers can speed up a sale and increase the selling price by 10 to 15 percent according to many realtors.

Does it help sell a home if you as the Realtor demonstrate your interest in old homes by learning the history of the neighborhood and community? Some will say that going that extra distance has increased their visibility and sales by a significant percentage.

The use of reports generated by house historians can be helpful to Listing Agents in appealing to a variety of buyers: older clients, history buffs and even new residents. Buyer Agents you can help clients be sure that they have made the right choice and it makes a wonderful housewarming, welcome to the neighborhood gift. Even Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate Attorneys can use the report as a welcome gift to new clients, offer incentives to refinance and generate more business.