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FAQ's/Terms of Services

Because the history of a house may be  requested for different reasons, we respect client confidentiality and all information obtained in the research of the client's home will not be given or sold to any other individual or business without the client's permission and consent. We work with each client to ensure that your House History Report is tailored for you and your budget.

               What format will the House History Reports be available in?

               A. At this time we offer three different packages to suit every budget. Please check our Products link 

                   at the top of the page.

               Do you have sample House History Reports available for review?

               A. At this time we do not have offer a sample report.

               Do you also include any paranormal activity research associated with the home?

               A. Any and all information found in research of a home will be listed including those paranormal 

                  in nature.

               How long will the research take?

               A. The length of time depends on many variables but research on a particular home will begin within 

                  two days of payment and results vary by package.

               What is the cost and do you have different plans?

               A. Yes, we offer at this time three different packages. Please see the Services link at the top of the 

                   page for more information and plan details

  Terms of Services~

               Ethics and Privacy- as a historian and genealogy research, History Chics and it's researchers abide by the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) Code of Ethics.

               Research Agreement- prior to starting work History Chics will send a research agreement specifying the selected package purchased and listing what is included in the final product.

               Unsuccessful Research- it is possible that the research may not provide the desired results included in a selected package. Because there will have been time spent on the research of your home, a discount on the project and package purchased will not be available. However, as I am offering my services in a package, I am able to offer substitutions.

               Copyright- all information in the research and subsequent packages are free to be used by client privately, but under North Carolina law, copyright in the report as a whole belongs to History Chics.  We do ask that you seek permission if you want to publish what has been written, including online. Without copyright, anyone could use our work and pass it off as their own and benefit financially. Copyright also protects our professional reputation.

               Payment-History Chics accepts check, cash and credit cards at this time. Packages must be paid in full prior to research. Payment plan for Book is available and research will commence after first payment is established.