History Chics

Unlocking the doors


(photos above are of Marion, NC).

Many older and unique commercial buildings did not always start as such. In fact, many older residential homes have been renovated into businesses in towns and cities all across the US.  The "out with the old and in with the new" has taken on a whole different meaning in recent times. As more people realize that the older buildings serve as a landmark of the entrepreneur spirit, they also look to preserve a part of that past to possibly help them in their endeavors as well.  

What if we told you that you could recapture part of that spirit, that uniqueness that once drove early settlers to lay down roots and build their future?  History Chics wants to help preserve not just the history of the building, we want to make that connection from one entrepreneur to next- the past with the future. And we accomplish this by researching not just the building but the people who made their dreams in the very same building you are in now. We give details about the people, their place in the community, the building with its very unique designs and architecture. We offer our commercial research in various formats with each being as unique as the building it represents.