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About Us

History Chics is comprised of historians, researchers, data collectors, interviewers, history enthusiast and most importantly women dedicated to promoting and preserving the stories of the people who made a difference and contributed to the growth of their own communities. 

Meet our Founders:

Rena Harpcreator and co-owner of History Chics . In 1998 upon moving to Marion, NC to reconnect with her ancestral roots, Rena become a member of the McDowell County Historical Society and established services which would later become the foundation of History Chics. She loves learning about the background stories of homes and people who lived in them, often giving her wonderful content for short stories that she now writes and publishes in her free time. Her heritage is Cherokee, Irish-Scotts and just a wee bit of Appalachian Granny. Recently relocating to Indian Harbour Beach, Fl she has expanded her talents to help revive the commercial ancestry for local businesses as well as becoming a vital part of her comunity.

Patti Holda - co-owner,  and McDowell County Historian. Patti's roots are strong as is her dedication to her community. Patti is the head of the local genealogical department at the McDowell County Public Library and President of the McDowell County Historical Society. Patti is an active board member of the  Friends of the Mountain Gateway Museum and assists with blog content for various FB pages and groups active in local history.

The stories of the lives in each community came together and made a strong foundation for the towns to build upon and they deserve to be recognized and to be remembered.  History Chics is dedicated to being major contributors in the preservation of not just our local history but the history of  communities all across the United States. 

We have a deep inner need to connect with our past and a youthful wonder of" what once was" and by researching the occupants of our homes and merchants of yester-year, it gives us a glimpse into the past and to their stories. History Chics will be an innovator to bridge the gap between the past and connect it to the present, we offer many services to do just that. 

Some of the services we offer are House Ancestry-tracing one's family home place and the community they lived in. 

                                                        Ancestry Research-tracing the family roots, one generation at a time. 

                                                        Commercial Ancestry- tracing older and historical commercial buildings.

                                                        Heirloom Preservation Classes- learning how to preserve the heritage found in our attics.


In addition to educating others about their own local history, we help raise funds for local historical based charities in the community.  We not only hold fundraisers but we assist other organizations in their fundraising efforts to continue the promotion of history, locally and nationally. 

Take a look around, your community is filled with people who are making a difference, isn't it time we honor them and those who came before them? 

We look forward to working with you in the near future to open the doors to the past!



        We are unlocking the history of your home and opening the doors to the past.